Followed the story from the initial release of the Prusa Box, and now onto the Spool Tank.

Printed in Azure blue PETG, here is a list of items fitted.

  • Rubber feet dampers from Printer Box – these are excellent.
  • 12v LEDs
  • 12v 140mm extractor fan (have used both the PrinterBox recommended version and Noctua IPPC3000) with filters
  • PWM speed controller for fan (also used the dedicated Noctua fan control module)
  • W1219 temperature control module
  • 40mm bottom intake fan with modified vent guide under the Einsey board
  • 30mm 12v x2 fans attached to the PSU to help draw air through for cooling PSU. Also have a rocker switch override at rear for these fans.
  • Relay board (using Octo Relay) with LEDs, 30mm PSU fans attached. LEDs turn on when Pi starts up, and turn off when a print finishes. The 30mm fans (which are a bit loud) also turn on at start of a print and off at the end. 
  • Modular front with Prusa main screen, 5″ Waveshare DSI screen and Pi 3B+. Plus 3 front switches. Top – override for LEDs, middle – turns W1219 on/off, bottom, override for the main 140mm extractor (allows me to print ASA/ABS with Einsey fan running but main extractor off).
  • Also added LED light for Pi, and Pi soft shut down button.
  • Webcam – have varied between Wyzecam, Logitech C270 and now looking to install Logitech C920.
  • Spool Tank – modified with 10mm bearings for a very smooth action. Reduced the capacity from 6 rollers to 5 to handle wider spools, and moved the rollers further apart to allow the rolls to sink lower in the box – required as rollers with bearings are fatter.  Added heating to the spool tank.

Hope to be adding the modular front centering plate at some point.

I’m sure many people have watched videos on