Follow Printables page link for the complete and an up-to-date description on website. I will not maintain this description page.


I also designed a hinged version PrusaBox adapter hinged for “MMU2S Buffer (inspired by RMU Buffer)” so that you can also open the side door with minimal effort. I kept the original box hinge design language so that it does not appear that it does not belong on the box.

Following my MM2S assembly I had to mount some kind of buffer on my PrusaBox. The buffer I decided to use is MMU2S Buffer (inspired by RMU Buffer).

This adapter will mount the buffer on the side of the PrusaBox on the two holes that already exist on the top cover for the inside spool holder mod.

My design was inspired by this, but it is a complete redesign from the ground up. So this is not a remix, and the part linked does not fit my buffer.