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What are box dimensions ?

PrusaBox MK3 is designed for Prusa mk3s, mk2 ; PrusaBox MK4 is designed for Prusa mk4.

Therefore, it can also fit other printers with similar or smaller dimensions:


Is Prusabox compatible to mk2 mk3 mk3s mk3s+ mk3.5 mk3.9 mk4 ?

PrusaBox MK3 is compatible with:

  • Prusa mk2 serie: mk2s mk2.5s
  • Prusa mk3 serie: mk3 mk3s mk3s+ mk3.5

PrusaBox MK4 is compatible with:

  • Prusa mk4 serie: mk3.9 mk4
What is included in the kit ?
Prusabox kit  :
– All steel parts: bottom + top + 4 corners + 3 crossbeams
– All doors, made of transparent PMMA: front + back + left + right + top
– All required screws, nuts and pins for assembly
You have unlimited access to STL files and assembly guide
CAUTION : The kit does NOT include printed parts. All easy to print files are available in download section.
Where can I find printed part file ?

Printed part file are available on our website.

How long/ how much filament do I need for printing parts ?

So Prusabox is a highly customizable DIY kit for which you need to print parts. So the time you’ll need will depend on the mods you decide to get.

For the basic kit an average the printing of parts will take approximatively 80 hours and you’ll need about 1kg of filament.

For basic kit + lot of mod you will need up to 1.7kg.

Where can I find the assembly manual ?

Prusabox assembly manual is available as an online guide.

What paint is used for black prusabox and spool tank ?

For black editions, steel parts are paint with top grade industrial baked powder.

Leadtime and shipping:

What is present leadtime ?

Leadtime is available on shipping information page.

Do you ship in my country ?

Basically yes, we ship worldwide!

To be more precise, we ship all around the world in any country that DHL and UPS ship to.

We’ve shipped our enclosures to every continents with success 😉
What is shipping cost ?

If you add items on the cart and go to checkout page, you will get an instant quote with all available carrier solutions.


Can I add an item to an order in processing ?

If you need to add some components to on processing order feel free to contact us.

What is VAT ?

VAT is “Value added Tax”. It will be applied only to European Union customer (company excluded).

Euro / USD ?

You can now choose between euros or USD to complete your order.

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