Temperature control

Why and how do we use temperature control with W-1219 system ?

With heat bed and extruder, temperature inside enclosure can rise up to 70°C. This can be an issue during printing (missing motor step…). To prevent it, air flow has to be controlled.

As an indication of usual 3d printer ambient temperature, Prusa farm with several hundred of printer is monitored at 40-50°C.

Air flow schematics:

Air enters the enclosure through the air entry on the bottom left of the enclosure.

The fan is extracting hot air (with VOC compounds) out of the enclosure through the HEPA and carbon filter.

An optional air entry can be installed in order to cool the mainboard.

How to use W1219:

W1219 manual is available on protosupplies.com

In red: “Detection temperature” will display the temperature currently measured by the sensor.

In green: “Setting temperature” will display the targeted temperature.

To modify “Setting temperature” press once on the left button. When it is flickering, you can change by pressing + or – button.

With recommended set-up, it will work as shown below:

Let’s say you set up 40°C:

When “detection temperature” goes over “setting temperature” + 2°C, so 42°C, the fan will turn on (indicator light will be ON).

When “detection temperature” goes below “setting temperature”, so 38°C, the fan will turn off (indicator light will be OFF).


For the other set-up, we recommend:

First, long press the “set” button to enter the settings menu.

  • P0 = “C” for cooling (Heat / Cool)
  • P1 = 2°C (difference in degrees between the Trigger temp and when the relay changes state)
  • P2 = 0°C (temperature correction)
  • P3 = 0 (delay start time)
  • P4 = 60°C (High temperature alarm)

Long press the “set” button to go out of the settings menu.