Electrical components & wiring

Step 1 What do we need to plug?

Raspberry pi 4
sunon fan
Raspberry pi 4 sunon fan

We need to plug:

  • 12V devices:
    • Fan for filter and ventilation: need 12V and consume very few (≈0.3A) available in our shop here
    • LED: 1.2A available in our shop here
  • 5v devices:
    • Raspberry PI: need 5V and consume:
      • PI3 ≈ 0.4A
      • PI4 ≈ 0.9A
    • Screen for Raspberry: 7inch ≈0.55A


Step 2 Can we plug LED, fans, Raspberry PI on printer’s PSU ?

Printers manufacturers, as Prusa, define PSU specification for printer use, therefore printers manufacturers doesn’t recommend to connect additional device on printer PSU.

Step 3 12v power source:

12v power adapter is required and available on our shop here.

You can choose:

  • 3A power adapter if you want to plug only LED or/and fan.
  • 5A power adapter if you want to plug also Rapsberry PI

12V Plug is also available on our shop.


Step 4 12v wiring solutions:

Depending of your needs you can connect different components:

  • Fan/filter only
  • Led + Fan/filter
  • Led + Fan/filter with temperature control system

You can make your own wiring system following next steps, or find our wiring harness on our shop, to get everything plugged easily ! go to shop

Step 4.1 12v wiring for fan/filter:

For fan and filter, we recomment you to follow the HEPA & carbon assembly guide.

PWM motor controler:

Step 4.2 12v wiring for fan/filter with temperature control:

Please see first informations on step 4.1

For addding temperature control, please follow the temperature control assembly guide.

Step 4.3 12v wiring for fan/filter with temperature control and LED:

  • We developped a wiring harness using that schematics. For an easy connection of everything, without any tools ! You can find it on our shop here


  • Or to make your own, please see first informations on step 4.1 and 4.2
    For addding LED lights, please follow the LED lights assembly guide.


Step 5 Raspberry PI 5v converter:

Raspberry PI need 5V power connection.

We are working to design a dedicated solution for powering PI with high quality 5V converter.

Already available on the market power buck converter:

/!\ This adapater can generate “Low power” warning.

“Low power” warning can be caused by USB power cable. Please use high quality power cable.


In the second picture, Wago components are unused. They can be used to power other equipments.