Cooling system

A simple manual solution to decrease temperature inside your box

Assembly time: 10 min


  • Cooling system, find it on our shop here
  • Power adaptator and plug

Print plate in “13B_Fan” folder:

  • 13B_Fan_mount_2x40mm

Air flow schematics:

Air comes inside the enclosure through the air entry on the bottom left of the enclosure.

The fans are extracting hot air out of the enclosure through the fans.

An optional air entry can be installed in order to cool the mainboard.


Step 1 Printed part’s preparation

Insert M3 square nuts in every slot of this printed part


Step 2 Switch assembly

018_fan (3)
018_fan (4)
018_fan (3) 018_fan (4)

Remove connectors from the switch

Insert switch inside printed part, from the outside. 0 must go next to the nut, and 1 next to the round hole.

Step 3 Fan assembly

Insert the fans: the one with the bigger cable length goes to the right.

Fans must be placed in the right direction: sticker with brand goes on the outside.

Step 4 Plug assembly

You can now insert plug inside the printed part.

Screw with one M3*12 screw

Step 5 Cable management

Plug the two red wires to the switch, no matter the order.

Tie up cables in the slots, by pushing slightly.



Step 6 Final assembly

Screw this assembly to your box, using M3*6 screws.





Well done!