MAX filtration system

Remove even more efficiently VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from your house!

Assembly video here!

Assembly time: 15 min


  • Fan, filter and accessories available on our shop here
  • You can find everything you need for electrical set up here
  • Or go to our shop to buy the electrical wiring harness fully equipped here

Print plates in “13D_Max_HEPA_Carbon_Filter” folder:

  • 13D_Max_HEPA_Carbon_Filter

Air flow schematics:

Air comes inside the enclosure through the air entry on the bottom left of the enclosure.

The fan is extracting hot air (with VOC compounds) out of the enclosure through the HEPA and carbon filter.

An optional air entry can be installed in order to cool the mainboard.


Step 1 Preliminary information

You will need all these components.

Working on the enclosure’s upper part dissassembled is easier but not necessary.

Step 2 Filter assembly

Max filter (2)
Max filter v2
Max filter (2) Max filter v2

Insert M3 square nuts in every slot of the filter’s box

Add filter inside the box.

Step 3 Filter cover

Screw with M3*6 screws.

Step 4 Seal

Max filter (5)
Max filter (6)
Max filter (5) Max filter (6)

Place the seal on the fan

Place the seal on the fan’s side where the sticker is !


Step 5 Fan assembly

Max filter (7)
Max filter (8)
Max filter (7) Max filter (8)

Add the fan to the previous assembly. Be carefull that the seal is correctly placed.

Seal and sticker’s fan go on the media filter

Add protection grid. Screw using M4*35 provided screws.

Step 6 Final assembly

 You can now screw the filter to your metal frame, using M3*6 screws.

Well done!