mmu2 Prusa-box enclosure integration

1. Original bracket and mmu2 board cover:

Unscrew the 4 x m3 screws to remove the original bracket and the 2 x xm3 screws to disassemble the electronic mmu board cover.

2. Cable extender:

Disconnect the pulley motor (yellow) and the selector motor (red) and add a cable extender.

Depending on your mmu2 delivery date, motor cable won’t have the same length. Cable extender is not always required for both motors.

3. Mounting part:

Assemble the mmu2 mounting part with mmu2 unit.

/!\ To preserve PTFE tube, the mounting part has to be mounted at the right distance: 183-184mm from left side of the enclosure.

4. Slider:

The slider must slide freely. Depedending on your print quality, you may have to remove the edge.

Lock the slider with a m3 screw.
/!\ Don’t screw it all the way.

5. Transparent doors:

Install the new transparent doors.

6. mmu2 electronic board:

Install the mmu2 board base with 1 x m3-6 screw from inside the enclosure.

/!\ Make sure that the cable isn’t squeezed

7. Preflight check:

/!\ PTFE tube: the PTFE should be long enough, but in any case, you must check if the PTFE is long enough for the extruder to reach the X axis left and right extremities when it is in the lower Z axis position.

mmu2 mounting part is finished !

Congratulations on finishing mmu2 mounting part!

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