Hot air funnel between PrusaBox and Spool Tank

Keep your spools dry thanks to the printer enclosure’s hot air

Assembly time: 10min

Required kit elements:

  • 4 pcs M3*6 screws
  • 4 pcs M3*12 screws
  • 4 pcs M3 square nuts

Printed parts in 0ST_Spool tank:

  • 0ST_Back_plate_air_vent_Prusabox_connector

Step 1 Preliminary information

Print the three parts, there is no support needed.

Step 2 Mounting the bottom part

Tighten the bottom parts with 4 M3*12 screws, together with the fan inside the enclosure.

Step 3 Funnel

Place the middle part

Step 4 Prepare the top part

Insert M3 nuts into each slot.

Step 5 Final assembly

Tighten the top part from the inside of the Spool Tank, using M3*6 screws.