Platform assembly

Assembly time: 1h

Required kit elements:

  • ModularBox base
  • M4 screws and M4 nuts
  • M3 screws and M3 nuts
  • 2 cross-beams

Step 1 Metal frame part’s names



PSU metal bracket

Uprights (4 identical pieces)

Crossbeams (3 identical pieces)

Step 2 Crossbeams on metal platform

This file includes parts to hide and secure cables from the LCD panel to the power supply and Einsi board, and fastener for vertical cable management.

Print plate in “0MB_Modularbox” folder:

  • 0MB_print-plates-cable_rail_ALL

Screw two crossbeam inside your enclosure’s bottom part. Screw from below using M4 screws and nuts.

On the two left holes, add the printed parts that will allow you to clip horizontal cable rail.

Step 3 Bottom corners

A Platform (3)
A Platform (4)
A Platform (5)
A Platform (3) A Platform (4) A Platform (5)

For the 8 corners of the box: we recommend 60% infill with 2 perimeters OR 30% infill with 4 perimeters.

If you are not confident on bed adhesion, we recommend to use brim on vertical parts.

Print plates in “0MB_Modularbox” folder:

  • 0MB_print-plates-corners_part_B

    Insert M4 nuts in each slot (3) of the four corners

    Insert corners in the angles of your platform. Make sure that printed parts are aligned with the metal part, by sliding them from the top. Screw with M4 screws in the outside.

    Add enclosure’s feet with M4 screws.

    Step 4 Motherboard cooling

    A Platform (6)
    A Platform (7)
    A Platform (6) A Platform (7)

    STL file in “19_Motherboard_cooling” folder:

    • 19_Motherboard_grid_v1

    Insert M3 nuts in each slots

    Screw the printed part from below with 4 pieces of  M3*6 screws

    Step 5 Electrical box

    A Platform (8)
    A Platform (9)
    A Platform (10)
    A Platform (11)
    A Platform (8) A Platform (9) A Platform (10) A Platform (11)

    These parts are used to connect the additional power supply for ventilation, led…

    Print plate in “0MB_Elec_box” folder:

    • 0MB_print_plate_elec_box

    Insert M3 nuts in each slots (6)

    Screw a little a M3*12 screw

    Insert the right part inside the left part, and secure them inside the box as whown, with M3*6 screws

    Insert M3 nuts in each slots (2)

    Tighten this part to the inside of your box with M3*6 screws

    Step 6 Printers’ feet securing

    STL in “0MB_Elec_box” folder:

    • 2x 0MB_printer_feet_elastomer_base_universal_v1

    In this chapter we will assemble receptacle for elastomer dampers, that secures printer to its final place.

    Step 7 Adjusting printed parts

    Place the two printed parts as shown in the picture : inside the front crossbeam, with distance depending on your printer:




    Measurements are given from the little mark (the axis) of your printed part, and the inisde of metal part.

    It may requires to remove one screw from the crossbeam, depending on your printer.

    Step 8 Secure

    Use M3*6 screws to secure printer’s feet.