Top assembly

Assembly time: 1h

Required kit elements:

  • ModularBox top
  • M4 screws and M4 nuts
  • M3 screws and M3 nuts
  • 1 cross-beam

Printed parts:

  • Corners
  • Logo

Step 1 Preliminary information

In this chapter, we will assemble main parts of the enclosure’s top.

Step 2 Crossbeam on metal top

Screw the crossbeam inside the enclosure’s top with M4 screws and nuts.

Don’t screw these two if you want to add LED light.

Step 3 Top corners

PSU (3)
PSU (4)
PSU (5)
PSU (3) PSU (4) PSU (5)

For the 8 corners of the box: we recommend 60% infill with 2 perimeters OR 30% infill with 4 perimeters.

If you are not confident on bed adhesion, we recommend to use brim on vertical parts.

You can print all parts at once, or separately (A/B)

Print plates in “0MB_Modularbox” folder:

  • 0MB_print-plates-corners_part_A

    Insert M4 nuts in each slot (7) of the four corners

     Place correctly the four corners: the side with a little angle are going along the enclosure’s sides.

    Slide them from the top

    Screw with M4 screws

    Step 4 Logo

    PSU (7)
    PSU (8)
    PSU (7) PSU (8)

    STL file in “0MB_Logo_plate” folder:

    • 0MB_logo_plate

    Insert M3 nuts in each slot

    Screw with M3*6 screws to the metal frame

    You have successfully assembled the top!