Prusabox assembly guide – All versions

These assembly instructions are for both the stainless steel and black versions of our Prusa-Box.

1. Printing

2. Platform

3. Printer

4. Top and

At this point of the assembly guide, we recommend adding mods to the box:
Light, HEPA filter, screen, temperature control…
It will be easier to do now, as the box is not fully assembled yet.

5. Final



Please keep those instructions close by while assembling your printer-box: you may need to click on some of the pictures or watch our video tutorials.

Handling the printer: 

Do not risk getting burned: wait until the printer has cooled down before handling it.
Always handle your 3D printer with care: the tray moves easily.

People required for assembly:

You can do this on your own.

Work area:

Set up on a stable table or work surface that can ideally be walked around.
If you can’t navigate around your table, that’s okay, you may have to orientate your printer-box differently but you won’t break your back.

Non supplied material:

To mount the printerbox, you can use the tools supplied with the Prusa printer:

  • 1 2mm hex key
  • 1 2.5mm hex key
  • 1 clamp 

For the air vent module, you can either use:

  • 1 Swiffer wipe 
  • 1 surgical mask