1. Printing instructions

This document is in progress. We will add all information as soon as possible.

Step 1 Printing materials:

We do all the design with PETG. PETG is strong and easy to print. It is the same material as printer parts.
All files are easy to print with PETG prusament. We used default PrusaSlicer material profile for PETG.

Number of spool:

For a basic set-up, you need 600 grammes of filament. Please take in consideration that in case of failed print, you will need more.

Step 2 Printing parameters:

Layer thickness:

We recommend 0.2mm layer thickness.

Infill & perimeters:

For the 8 corners of the box: we recommend 60% infill with 2 perimeters OR 30% infill with 4 perimeters.
Other parts can be printed with 30% infill and 2 perimeters.


Parts are designed to be printed without support.

Step 3 Printing files:

All files are shared in the right position for printing.

Printed files are composed with several parts. If needed, you can separate each part. For example, if you want to print one part individually.
You can use the “Split to object” function in PrusaSlicer

Step 4 Corners and back panel parts:

Files : 01_corners_back_panel.3mf

It is the longer print (19 hours).

If you are not confident on bed adhesion, we recommend to use brim on vertical parts.


Step 5 Doors hinge and lock:

02 doors no sealing
02 doors with sealing
02 doors no sealing 02 doors with sealing

You need to use the file below if you don’t choose the sealing kit:

Files : 02_doors_no_sealing.3mf

You need to use the file below if you choose the sealing kit:

Files : 02_doors_with_sealing.3mf

Step 6 Filament PTFE tube mount:

This file includes 7pcs PTFE tube connection and the PTFE clip to connect to the printer.

There are two versions: with PTFE 2×4 mm (ID 2mm, OD 4mm) (classic PTFE tube)

or with PTFE 3.2×4.8 mm (ID 3.2mm, OD 4.8mm) (the one that comes with our Spool Tank)

File: 03_ptfe_7x_front_clip_2x4.3mf


This file includes 1 PTFE orientable tube connection and one slot cover for not used front slots.

You may duplicate the parts you want using Prusa Slicer.

These parts are designed to be used with MMU system.

File: 03_ptfe_holder_MMU_and_cover.3mf

Step 7 Ventilation and humidity control:

air-vent prusabox Y connector
04_vent_slider air-vent prusabox Y connector 3mf_humidity_control_kit

File : 04_vent_flap.3mf

This file includes 1pc of vent flap.

You need 2pcs if you don’t connect the Spool tank to the Prusabox enclosure.

File : 04_air-vent_Prusabox_connector_Y.3mf

This files allows you to connect your Spool Tank to your Prusabox

File : 04_humidity_control_kit.3mf

These parts are used to set hydrosorbent and hygrometer.

Step 8 On roller spools:

There will 3 set-up available for on rolls spools:

  • Set-up with 5 rolls
  • Set-up with 6 rolls
  • Set-up with 7 rolls

Files for set-up with 6 rolls: 05_roller_x6_spools_v1.1.3mf

Step 9 Wall mount:

This file includes wall mount spacer.

Files : 06_wall_mount_spacer.3mf

Step 10 Spool tank on Prusabox additional feet:

This file includes additional feet for mounting Spool tank on the top of the Prusabox.

Files : 07_spool_tank_on_prusabox_additional_feet.3mf

Step 11 Gravity autorewind spool holder:

08_A_stand 08_B_axe 08_C_step_clamp 08_D_spring_spacer_ptfe

Gravity autorewind for Prusabox is devided into 4 printed files.

Files : 08_A_stand.stl