Top filament spool holder
with low friction chimney

This mod uses the Prusa mk3s genuine spool holder and
adds a filament chimney to reduce filament friction.

1. Components :

2. Print:

Files are inside the ZIP file.

  • “spool_holder_top …”: 0.2mm layer thickness and 30% infill
  • “spool_holder_top_filament_guide …”: 0.3mm layer thickness and 15% infill

3. Assembly:

Double Prusa spool holder is included in Prusa the mk3s kit. You can also print the Prusa basic spool holder.
Apply necessary strength to clip the 2 parts together
The spool holder uses the crossbeam screw.
The filament chimney is fixed with M3 screws and nuts.
Cut a 4-5cm long PTFE tube.

Insert 1cm inside the chimney and use the side screw to clamp the tube.

Move the extruder to each side to make sure that the filament is moving correctly.

If not, make sure that:

  • The filament is sliding freely in the PTFE tube
  • The PTFE tube is only 1cm in the top part of the chimney.

The top spool holder is ready to use!

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