Modular control panel
for 3D printer

Modular control panel allow to compose your panel control
regarding your needs.

It is compatible with :
Mk3s /mk2s panel control for Prusa3D
PanelDue 5i from Duet3D
Raspberry PI 3 1B+ / 2B / 3B+ / 4B
Kuman 3.5″ (GPIO) / 
Hyperpixel 4″ (GPIO) / Waveshare 5″ (DSI)
W1219 enclosure temperature control
And more…

Modular control panel is available for:

Prusa mk2/3s with Prusabox

Prusa mk2/3s without Prusabox

It is a work in progress mod. Parts could be updated at any moments. Always check new version before print.

1. Components :

We recommend screen with DSI cables:

  • No driver
  • Only one DSI cable to plug
  • GPIO fully free

/!\ screens with HDMI bridge
are NOT suitable:

2. Print:

Files are in download section:

3. Assembly:

1. General overview:

  • Orange: “Front parts” module
  • Green: “Plate parts” module
  • Blue: “Extremity left parts” module
  • Yellow: “Extremity right parts” module
  • Red: “Coupler parts” module
  • Purple: “Back parts” module

2. Parts list:

Front parts:

  •  Mk3s /mk2s panel control for Prusa3D
  • PanelDue 5i from Duet3D
  • Kuman 3.5″ (GPIO)
  • Hyperpixel 4″ (GPIO)
  • Waveshare 5″ (DSI)
  • W1219
Back parts:

  • Basic left with cable slot
  • Basic right with PI3/4 power cable slot
  • Standalone left with cable slot
  • Standalone right with PI3/4 cable slot
  • Standalone bracket
Plate parts:

  • Basic with 40x40mm fan slot
  • Raspberry PI 3 1B+ / 2B / 3B+ / 4B with 40x40mm fan slot
Extremity left:

  • Basic
  • Mk3s/mk2s SD card opened
Extremity right:

  • Basic with 30x30x10mm fan slot
  • With w1219 control temperature slot and PWM setter slot
Coupler parts:

  • Basic
  • With #1 rocker switch (14×9.5mm) slot
  • With #2 rocker switch (14×9.5mm) slot
  • With #3 rocker switch (14×9.5mm) slot

  • Printer feet spacer for standalone use.

3. General assembling instructions:

Assembling is done with:

  • m3 square nuts Din 562
  • screws M3x6
  • screws M3x12

Screws and nuts are available on amazon or include in Prusabox kit.

Kuman 3.5″ and Hyperpixel 4″ are assembled in the same way. Crossbar is hold with 2 screws on each side.
Prusa mk2/3 control panel is hold with m3 screws on each corner.
Raspberry PI 3 or 4 can be installed. It’s hold using the original Raspberry PI screws (2x M2.5).
SD card can be inserted/removed without removing the PI from the plate.
Left extremity for Prusa panel allow to easily insert the SD card.
GPIO display need “Raspberry GPIO ribbon female to male” available on amazon.
Plate assembling.
30x30x10mm fan is hold in place wih a M3 screw.
/!\ Do not tighten the screw otherwize fan will be blocked.
Waveshare DSI 5″ is hold with 2 clamps on each side.
W1219 control temperature extremity left module.
Inside installation of enclosure temperature control W1219 and PWM fan speed setter

4. Stand alone version for mk3 series:

Standalone parts allows you to mount instead of the original Prusa panel.

Due to control panel height, it is a mandatory to add printer feet spacer (file available in download section).

5. Perfect fit for Prusabox:

Modular control panel is fully compatible with Prusabox enclosure.

The modular control panel is installed!

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