Option 3: Lights

1. Components:

    2. Print:

    Files are inside the ZIP file.

    • “option03_led_strip”

    3. Assembly:

    1. Support assembly:

    Insert nuts into each slot.

    Gently slide each parts of the support. Secure it with one M3x12 screw.

    Screw the LED rail with the middle support and screw it on each frame corner. Use M3x12 screws.

    2. Led strip wiring:

    Paste led strip on the support.


    /!\ Double check that the 12v wire and the ground wire are in the right position.

    3. Led strip holding clip:

    Assemble the clip on the led strip.

    /!\ The holding clip has a hole in the middle for led strip resistor.

    It is also possible to use a relay board from Octoprint to control the light. Here is a nice plugin to do that: Enclosure plugin.

    Led switch & Raspberry power module installation will be explained in PSU sections.

    Additional parts:

    If led support used with inside spool holder or/and inside filament guide, it is necessary to use support extender:

    • For inside spool holder: LED_support_extender_L22
    • For inside filament guide: LED_support_extender_L16

    Files are available in download section.


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