Raspberry PI
with 7″ official display

Adding a Raspberry PI with screen allows a lot of things like remotely controlling your printer.
You have to consider that this mod requires specific skills and you must be able to follow a tutorial similar to https://octoprint.org/download/ 

1. Components :


  • Cables and soldering iron

2. Print:

  • Mods  > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_7_screen > raspberry_official_7_display_part1
  • Mods  > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_7_screen > raspberry_official_7_display_part2
  • Mods  > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_3.5_screen > raspberry_bottom
  • Mods  > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_3.5_screen > raspberry_top

3. Assembly:

1. Raspberry Pi assembly:

Assemble main raspberry housing as explained on the first guide

2. Hinges mount assembly:

The part circled in red is only a support for printing. Break it by twisting it.

Assemble the hinges with:

  • 10 x M3 square nuts
  • 4 x M3x6 screws
  • 2 x M3x12 screws

3. Display wire:

Connect wire as shown on the picture.
More information about Raspberry 7″ official display

Install the cover on the display, you will have to use: 4 x M3-6 screws.
/!\ Manipulate the cable with care and gently put it through the cover hole.
You can use office tape to fix the power cable to the I/O cable.

4. Mounting on the box:

Install the mounting on the box. Use 4 x M3x12 screws.

5. Wiring display:

Wire the display to the raspberry screen port.

The power supply display must be plugged on a 5V power module. The power module is described in light section.
/!\ Before switching on, double check that 5V and ground are wired up to the power module.

6. Final check:

Make sure that the cable bends gently when you move the screen up and down.

The Raspberry PI and screen are installed.

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