Raspberry PI 3.5″ screen

Adding a Raspberry PI with screen allows a lot of things like remotely controlling your printer.
You have to consider that this mod requires specific skills and you must be able to follow a tutorial similar to https://octoprint.org/download/ 

1. Components:

2. Print:

  • Mods > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_3.5_screen > raspberry_bottom
  • Mods > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_3.5_screen > raspberry_lock_x2
  • Mods > 001_Raspberry_PI_with_3.5_screen > raspberry_top

3. Assembly:

1. Mounting the Raspberry Pi:

Use the 4xMS screws supplied with Raspberry PI (not included in the kit). To connect the Raspberry PI Fan, I use:
  • Fan: 30x30x10mm 12V. I connect it to 5V to reduce noise
  • GPIO Expansion Board for Raspberry
  • Male to Female GPIO Ribbon Cable

2. Raspberry Pi + screen:

/!\ Design is NOT compatible with screens with HDMI bridge.

Kuman 3.5″ screen:

I use a Kuman 3.5 Inch Touch Screen.
Screen installations depend on the screens brand and model.
For the Kuman: community.octoprint.org/t/steps-to-install-touchui-for-kuman-3-5/16514 

Available space for screen in the box is: 86.5×56.8mm.

HyperPixel 4″ screen by Juergen:

Many thanks to Juergen who did a mod of the original design available on www.prusaprinters.org

Others screens?

If your screen doesn’t fit or has different dimensions, do not hesitate to send me the dimensions for an update.

The crossing bar will hold the screen.

3. Ribbon cable:

The large ribbon is really difficult to twist. In order to twist it, I use a blade cutter to separate the ribbon in several part. /!\ Gently follow the wiring! If you cut one wire it will not work.

4. Raspberry case assembling:

Use 1x M3x6 screw on one side and 1x M3x12 on the other.

5. Raspberry enclosure frame assembly:

Gently slide the Raspberry plate inside the control panel plate. Use 2x M3x6 screws to assemble on the enclosure frame.

6. Raspberry PI power supply:


We are working on it…

The Raspberry PI and screen are installed.

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