Prusabox for Prusa Mk 3.5 / MK 3.9 / MK4

Last modification: May 5th, 2023

We released this week PrusaBox MK4 enlosure and upgrade kit to evolve PrusaBox Mk3 in PrusaBox MK4.

Go take a look !

Prusabox compatibility table for MK3s+ / MK3.5 / MK3.9 / MK4:

MK3s+ MK3.5 MK3.9 MK4
Prusabox MK3
New panel bracket / modular control panel parts
(coming soon)
Prusabox upgrade kit
Prusabox  MK4 version

MK4 Control panel:

The new MK4′ diplay involves new printed parts for integration in Prusabox.
As soon as we have CAD files of display, we will release new mounting parts.
We plan to release :
  • Basic mounting parts to assemble MK4 control panel on the front of our straight control panel.
  • Mounting bracket that will fit to Modular Control Panel.

    MK4 Dimensions:

    Nextruder is a little bit bigger:
    A: With Nextruder, X axis is 455mm long, therefore PrusaBox MK3 needs to be enlarge on each side.
    B: Nextruder is higher on about 30-40mm. It is an issue when Z is in top position because at this moment we have 40mm gap on MK3 when Z is in top position with Elastomer dampers. That’s why we need higher doors and uprights.
    C: Distance from bed to bottom of the printer seems to be the same
    To sum up, Prusa-box height need to be increase of 40mm, we will offer: