Printer-box mods & options

With the Printer-box enclosure kit, you get access to our mods library
to customize the box that fits your needs.
We are continuously creating new mods to increase the Printer-box experience.

Don’t forget to follow
the enclosure
assembly guide first

Ventilation and light mod:

These mod required electric knowledge and to follow the electric wiring diagramm.

Electrical wiring & components

HEPA & Carbon Filter

Temperature control

LED strip

Cooling with fans

Raspberry PI mod for Octoprint :

These mod required knowledge for Octoprint setup.

PI mod with 3.5″ screen

 PI mod with 7″ screen

Modular control panel

& PI cam

Easy to build mod:

These mod doesn’t required any specific skill and limited additional component.

Top spool holder

Inside spool holder


Filament scrap bin

Stack Enclosure

Extruder indicator

Air exhaust

Printer nameplate

Quick top remove

Miscellaneous designs:

Hex key to screwdriver v2