Inside spool holder

Nothing outside! Keep the filament spool inside!

1. Components :

2. Print:

Files are inside the ZIP file.

  • “spool_holder_inside …”: 0.2mm layer thickness and 30% infill
  • “spool_holder_inside_guide …”: 0.2mm layer thickness and 15% infill

3. Assembly:

1. Spool holder assembling:

Use M3 square nuts and M3x12 screws to assemble the 2 parts together.

Place m4 nuts inside the holes.
Install the spool holder inside the enclosure and fix it with m4 screws.

2. Filament guide assembly:

Install m3 square nuts, screws and PTFE tube.

/!\Use a piece of filament to check that it moves freely inside the PTFE tube.
Avoid any high bending of the filament.

Install the filament guide inside the spool holder and fix it with the same screws as the logo plate.

LED lights have to be moved a bit.

Insert filament inside the PTFE tube.

/!\ Filament have to move freely inside the PTFE tube.

Re-install the LED light.

The inside spool holder is ready to use!

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